Team Attribute Awards

These awards recognize the accomplishments teams have made in developing partnerships with their community, members, sponsors, and oher outreach efforts. Official FIRST definitions can be found here.

Awards in this Category:

  • Engineering Inspiration Award

    • Recognizes a team that celebrates advancing respect and appreciation for engineering in their community. Teams show a continued effort to recruit members, focus on STEM education, and foster partnerships within their engineering community.

    • This closely matches the Rookie Inspiration Award criteria

  • Gracious Professionalism Award

    • Recognizes a team that embodies gracious professionalism both on the field and off. Teams show a positive attitude, distribute work fairly, value communication, and understand the importance of teamwork.

  • Imagery Award in honor of Jack Kamen

    • Recognizes a team that celebrates the visual aesthetic of both the robot and team appearance. Teams show an integrated theme between components and have clear reasoning behind their design decisions.

  • Judges Award

    • Recognizes a team that the judging panel wants to recognize, but may not fit into a traditional award critera. Teams are recognized for a positive team aspect, unique happening or feature, or merit recognition for another reason.

  • Rookie All-Star Award

    • Recognizes a team that is on the right track to becoming a FIRST Impact Award team. Teams demonstrate a true understanding of FIRST, are building a strong foundation with their school/organziation and sponsors, and competed in the robot game.

    • For the 2024 Season a rookie team is considered any team with a number of 9400 or higher

  • Rookie Inspiration Award

    • Recognizes a rookie team that is inspiring their community through their respect and appreciation for engineering. Teams show effectiveness at recruiting members, outreaching to the community, and are committed to science and technology education.

    • For the 2024 Season a rookie team is considered any team with a number of 9400 or higher

  • Team Spirit Award

    • Recognizes enthusiam and spirit within a team while furthering the message of FIRST. Teams show a unified display in their attitude, appearance, and spirit. They are proud of their team and demonstrate this in their schools, communities, and more.

  • Team Sustainability Award

    • Recognizes a team that has developed sustainable practices to make a lasting impact on their community. Teams must be able to explain their recruiting methods, risk management, action plan, and team revenue.

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