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Onshape provides hours of free tutorials through the Onshape Learning Center. These tutorials are self-guided, meaning there is no instructor or specific time to take the tutorials. Instead, you watch videos, take short quizzes, and complete practice projects. These projects are the most important part of the tutorials. They give you lots of chances to practice and apply your skills.

The following courses will cover all the essentials you need to be productive in Onshape. They are grouped into three sections, and you should complete them in order. You might notice some redundancies throughout courses; that is, some courses will repeat content from previous courses. This is generally good because it gets you extra practice.

While working on these courses, you will probably find things that are unclear. If this happens, do not worry. You will almost always be able to continue with a limited understanding, and a future course will better explain whatever you are struggling to understand.

Introduction to Onshape

This section will quickly introduce the basics of CAD and the steps involved in modeling in Onshape.

  1. Introduction to Parametric Feature-Based CAD This course will test your spatial reasoning ability, explore the Onshape interface, and discuss how Onshape documents are structured.

  2. Introduction to Part Design In this course, you will practice creating parts using sketches and features. One thing you should know before beginning this course (that the videos fail to mention) is that "normal" is a fancy word for perpendicular.

  3. Introduction to Assembly Design You will learn how to assemble parts and how to allow or restrict motion between parts in this course.

Modeling Techniques

This section will take a much more in-depth look at the modeling skills covered in the previous section.

  1. Navigating Onshape This course will explain how to use the Onshape interface and how to efficiently navigate models.

  2. Introduction to Sketching In this course, you will get more practice creating sketches and learn some more advanced sketching techniques.

  3. Part Design Using Part Studios This course will showcase lots of different features you can use to customize your parts. You will get lots of practice creating parts by completing several projects.

  4. Multi-Part Part Studios In this course, you will learn how to create multiple parts in one part studio. This is one of Onshape's defining features.

  5. Onshape Assemblies You will get more practice creating assemblies and learn a few other assembly techniques in this course.

Version Control

This section will discuss how to version documents and how to deal with other documents from within Onshape and from other CAD systems.

  1. Document Management In this course, you will learn best practices for staying organized in Onshape.

  2. Document History and Versions In this course, you will learn the basics of creating versions of a document.

  3. Sharing and Collaboration This course will discuss Onshape's collaboration features.

  4. Branching and Merging You will learn how to create multiple workspaces, which allows multiple users to edit a document without interfering with each other's work, in this course.

  5. Linked Documents In this course, you will learn how to use parts from other people's documents (such as part libraries).

  6. Importing and Exporting Data This course will explain how to import/export data from/to other CAD systems.

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