Team Quickstart Guide

FLL Challenge General Costs

  • First year costs include a LEGO Education SPIKE Prime kit, older EV3 or LEGO Mindstorm kits can also be purchased on eBay to reduce cost

  • Engineering notebooks are optional and can easily be created in a regular notebook

  • Many grants are available to teams through the FIRST website

  • After the first year, FLL Challenge cost is roughly $350 per season

  • Other costs to consider include t-shirts, snacks, and travel (should be minimal)

Time Commitment

  • Recommend a minimum of 2 hours per week from August until competition, many teams add practices the week or two prior to competition

  • Not all students need to be at every practice - breaking the group into sub-teams can help efficiency and work around scheduling conflicts

  • Local competition will be a half day event, typically on a Saturday from 8 am - 1 pm

  • State competition is a full weekend day in January at Iowa State University


  • Every team is required to have at least 2 coaches, no engineering or STEM experience required

  • Find experts to help mentor or with research project by emailing community members, businesses, field β€œexperts”, local HS student, etc

  • This can also be a good source for sponsorship to help offset costs

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