Showcasing Robots

All badge requirements for this part of the journey are the same between the two troop levels.

Create a presentation to share how you designed your robot

This requirement is focused on understanding the design and prototype process that was used to create a robot. Troops can create formal presentations such as videos, poster boards, or do a show-and-tell about the robots. For our curriculum we chose to have the girls draw their plans out on paper.

Tell others how you designed your robot

After the presentations are created, share them with the rest of your troop, families, or other STEM professionals. This is an opportunity to talk about their robot. Students may find it fun to give the robot a name or personality.

Learn more about robotics competitions

This requirement can be met by attending a competition, talking with someone who has competed, or watching videos online. Prior to coming to visit our lab, we show troops videos of our competition robot from previous regionals and videos about FIRST in general. Due to space constraints, we do not have a full field setup to demonstrate the game in-person. However, in place of this we offer a tour of our lab and demonstrated the different movements of the robot.

Learn about robotics teams

Similar to the previous requirement, this can be achieved by being on a team, talking to someone on one, or learning more online. Through the process of working with troops, we take opportunities to reflect on our program and how the badge skills translate to our competition team. In addition, we provide resources on creating a FIRST LEGO League team through Girl Scouts. Getting parents involved in the process has also helped spark interest in robotics teams after the badge journey is completed.

See robots in action

We finish the badge journey with a meeting in our workspace. This gives the troop a chance to visit an operational makerspace and learn more about the tools that go into creating our robot. Additionally, we invite troops to a regional or outreach event where they can see the robot again. We recommend reaching out to troops to remind them about these opportunities as competition season gets closer.

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