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The FRC community is full of wonderful resources made available for free. These include workshops, forums, tutorials, and more. Many teams create their own resources for everyone to use, and there are also lots of resources maintained by the community collaboratively. Taking advantage of these resources is one of the best ways to improve as a team. Below are some great resources from the community that cover all sorts of topics. Resources specific to certain topics such as programming will be included in the relevant chapters.

If you don't want to look at all these resources, the most important ones to check out are the official resources, Chief Delphi, and The Blue Alliance.

  • FRC Blog The FRC Blog contains official announcements from FIRST about FRC.

  • STIMS The Student Team Information Member System (STIMS) is the official student dashboard for FRC. To attend an official FRC competition, you must create an account, join a team, and have a parent or guardian complete a consent form.

  • Season Materials The season materials page has all the official documentation for the current season. This includes the game manual, the rule Q&A system, season logos, and more.

  • Chief Delphi Chief Delphi (CD) is a forum for all things related to FRC. It is among the most useful resources listed here. During the build season, CD is full of ideas, prototypes, code samples, etc. to help with robot design. Throughout the year, it contains interesting discussions about robotics, fundraising, STEM, and more.

  • The Blue Alliance The Blue Alliance (TBA) provides detailed statistics about FRC teams and events (including offseason events). It has match schedules, live scoring, award history, robot pictures, and match videos.

  • First Updates Now (Twitch, YouTube) First Updates Now (FUN) produces content about FRC (and FTC). They host lots of workshops, interviews, and giveaways. They also do behind-the-scenes videos of different teams' robots.

  • The Compass Alliance The Compass Alliance is a group of experienced teams that provides resources in all subjects for beginner teams. The pathways section of their website in particular has lots of good tutorials.

  • FRC Discord The (unofficial) FRC Discord server is a great way to engage with other people in FRC. Lots of students, alumni, and mentors frequent the server, and there are channels for technical discussions, business discussions, and socializing. The community is quite friendly, and it is a good place to ask questions in a less formal setting than Chief Delphi.

  • r/FRC The FRC subreddit is mostly just memes, but there is the occasional serious discussion.

  • Citrus Circuits (1678) The Citrus Circuits are an elite FRC team from Davis, California. Their website contains dozens of helpful workshops on topics like CAD, programming, strategy, scouting, fundraising, and outreach.

  • The Cheesy Poofs (254) The Cheesy Poofs are a hall of fame team from San José, California. They are typically regarded as the best team in the world. Their website has many resources—especially about software and CAD.

  • Simbotics (1114) Simbotics is an FRC hall of fame team from Ontario, Canada. Their website has lots of useful resources on a variety of topics.

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