Google Drive

Google Drive is a great tool for storing files that all team members need access to; however, it can be challenge maintaining permissions as students enter and graduate the program. To make this process easier, our team has transitioned to using a Shared Drive. Below is a comparison of why a Shared Drive is easier to maintain than a shared folder or shared team account.

Making the change to a Shared Drive took a lot of up-front work, but the process of reorganizing and unifying the way that we store information has made it a lot easier for our team to build on previous knowledge rather than reinventing it. In addition to the season folders, we also created directories for our camp curriculums and team branding that are not year specific. Overall, we have eliminated many challenges we previously faced with information access lost due to students graduating and found many gems we have forgotten about.

To help with our future organization, we created a New Season Template that can be easily copied and renamed for each new season. This format now matches the previous years so new members are able to find resources with ease. In addition to the directories, we have made templates of important documents from year-to-year such as our master fundraising sheet, to-do list, and presentation template that are pre-saved into folders.

More information about Shared Drives available here.

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