The tool that is likely most often to be used in your shop is a drill. These are extremely useful tools for building a robot. However, as with all power tools, they can be dangerous. A few things to keep in mind are: 1) Know what you are drilling into. For Example, if you drill into a part of the robot and you drill into a pneumatic piston, you have now damaged the piston and need a new one.

2) Always drill away from you. If you are drilling into something, make sure that it is always away from yourself so that you cannot accidently drill into one of your body parts.

3) Always secure what you are drilling. This is to say make sure it doesn't move during the drilling process, as this creates danger for you and others, and can make the hole drilled less accurate. Furthermore, don't just use your hand to secure it, as that is additionally unsafe, use a clamp or some other method of securing the object before drilling

4) Keep the safety on when not in use. Drills have a button you can switch to turn it from drilling in to drilling out, however if you leave it between these two settings this acts as a safety, preventing the drill from turning on without turning the safety off.

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