Java Programming

This chapter will introduce the fundamentals of the Java programming language. For many of you, this will be your first time coding, so the chapter is designed for someone with absolutely no prior experience. However, if you have experience in another language—or even if you have Java experience but need a refresher—these lessons will still be helpful to you too.

The concepts introduced in these lessons will cover roughly the same content as the AP Computer Science A curriculum. If you have yet to take that class, these tutorials will prepare you well. If you are currently enrolled, you will find that these tutorials complement your coursework nicely. If you have already taken the class and remember most of it, then you probably don't need these tutorials, but it wouldn't hurt to scan them and see if there are any unfamiliar concepts.

The first couple of lessons in this chapter will cover some general programming concepts, what makes Java different than other programming languages, and how to set up your computer to begin writing code. After those, the remaining lessons will follow a simple pattern of one lesson followed by one programming exercise. This way, after learning new concepts, you can practice them by writing actual code to complete projects.

Although this documentation is intended for FRC teams, this chapter can be used for learning Java outside of an FRC context. Only a few passing references are made to FRC, and they are unnecessary for understanding the content of the chapter.

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